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  Fancy Cake homemade

         自2006年中成立,開業者憑住熱誠, 對食物品質執著,堅持用高質食材,

         並緊守著對手工細節的一絲不苟. 我們各人都懷著開心的心情,專業,

         創意及經驗製造出每一項產品, 深知每個蛋糕,每件曲奇,都是代表著



         2016年6月於桃園市桃園區成立了 Fancy Cake芬芝堂有限公司.


     Established in mid 2006, Fancy Cake Homemade has served every pastry by choosing

     high quality ingredients and monitoring the cooking procedure with meticulous care.

     Together with creativity , enthusiasm, experience , professionalism and happiness ,

     cakes and cookies of the best quality will be presented to you more than just a product ,

     but also with our regards and blessings.

     We hope that in every special moment in the future , you can feel our care and surprises.

      Fancy Cake芬芝堂有限公司set up in 2016 June











週二至週日 10:00am - 18:00pm